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Started painting this Hockney inspired piece quite a while ago! I’ve now finished it! It’s a trail I found on Twmbarlwm Mountain in South Wales. (Near where I live) 

Painted in Oils on 8 canvas’s.

Individual canvas’s measure at 40 1/2 cm x 50 1/2 

As a whole painting it measure’s at 162cm x 101cm 

Hoping to sell it. 


Final making of our booklet and a few photographs of the widows to the exhibition. End of first year Graphic Communication!

COME JOIN US! Free beer :) 

Ive been appointed with another girl from graphics as leaders of the design team for the publication we have to produce as our last project for 1st year. Really enjoying working on it, got a great team with great ideas, its going really well! 

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I was suppose to post these about a month ago! I put them on Instagram & Twitter but totally forgot to blog them. So here they are! 3 block painting I did all of my uni accommodation in Bath :) We get such beautiful sunlight and sunsets, I love shadows and how light can change everything. Hope you like them. 


A drawing an hour for a week. 

Saturday & Sunday are abit shorter because I was in work and unable to draw. 

All drawings made on my iPad, on the app brushes. 


Over Easter I have been working on a project for my Professional Content Module. We had to create a concertina of a journey that included 10 design communication elements within the journey. Also find 3 websites that you like that would come under each design communication element. I decided to have a go at pop-ups. i was given a how too pop-up book at christmas and wanted to use it. I thought this project would only take me 3 whole days to complete took be about 6 whole days to complete! Pop-ups are much more complicated than I first thought so the deadline i set myself went out of the window but i had enough time to get it handed in to Uni. Overall I’m really pleased with the outcome, probably my favourite piece I’ve created so far in my first year at Bath Spa. 

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Was given a project last week and we had to do either a drawing, take a photograph or write a sentence every hour. I chose drawing and chose to do all my drawings on my iPad app brushes. Here is a selection of a few of my drawings from last weeks brief. 


My mum has written a short children’s story. She has called it Pink and she wants me to illustrate  it. So I’m in early research and character development stage at the moment. I want this to be a mothers day surprise so I want to get quiet a few images on the page over the next few days ready for next Sunday. 

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Screen printing brief: To screen print a postcard of bath. 

I chose to draw then screen print my view from my bedroom. 


The Heavens Opening

This is my animation for my ‘opening’ brief. Really pleased with it. Now i want to start making animation a regular thing as I enjoyed making it so much. There is 119 frames altogether. 


Looking forward to adding a 3rd painting to this small collection of block paintings next weekend.