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Was given a project last week and we had to do either a drawing, take a photograph or write a sentence every hour. I chose drawing and chose to do all my drawings on my iPad app brushes. Here is a selection of a few of my drawings from last weeks brief. 


My mum has written a short children’s story. She has called it Pink and she wants me to illustrate  it. So I’m in early research and character development stage at the moment. I want this to be a mothers day surprise so I want to get quiet a few images on the page over the next few days ready for next Sunday. 

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Screen printing brief: To screen print a postcard of bath. 

I chose to draw then screen print my view from my bedroom. 


The Heavens Opening

This is my animation for my ‘opening’ brief. Really pleased with it. Now i want to start making animation a regular thing as I enjoyed making it so much. There is 119 frames altogether. 


Looking forward to adding a 3rd painting to this small collection of block paintings next weekend. 


My kitchen/living room window. 

Gouache on paper. 


Started an animation project recently. The brief was to bace your animation on an opening. So I’ve chosen ‘the heavens opening’ thought it would be nice imagery to try in an animation. So this is my very first still.


#teddy Video I made few years ago haha #forfun #annimation


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3 min sitting 

Brushes on iPad 

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Did a face paint on my flatmate last night. 


I went for the first time yesterday to The Roman Bath’s. Really interesting afternoon there. Me and my flatmates tried the spring’s water, it was warm and not to nice but they say it has healing powers so it must be weirdly good? Well I have attached 2 drawings I did of the baths and some close ups. 


Really enjoyed my morning of easy going painting 👌 now I gotta do some Uni work. #work #uni #myflat #sun #light

 Levi’s a mans brand. Making strong hardwearing jeans for men. When I think about Levi ads the only one I know of is the advert of 1985, the launderette ad. (Marcel Visser, 2012)  A young Nick Kamen walks into a launderette takes off his sunglasses and undresses down to his underwear putting his Levis into the washing machine to be stonewashed while his toned physique overwhelms women sat waiting for there washing. A soulful cover of Marvin Gay’s ‘I heard it through the grape vine’ plays as he reveals himself which ads to the allure of Kamen. This ad is aimed at a younger generation; men want to attract women just as Kamen does. The women do all the talking and would hype up the ad and the men would know about the hype and want to be the spitting image of Kamen in a pair of stonewashed Levi jeans.  I would buy a pair of Levi’s 501 for my boyfriend after seeing that advert even though it was made 27 years ago. You want your man to look like him, you want the advert, and you want Kamen.  Sex sells and I know this advert is successful.

‘It kicked off a series of classic retro 50s-style ads which increased sales of Levi jeans by 800% by 1986. It reputedly did almost as much for promoting boxer shorts… eventually had to be taken off because the company couldn’t produce enough jeans to meet the new demand.’ (launderette) If that’s not a successful advert I don’t know what is!

Levi’s last year had a remodel with a new leadership team and operating system. The most recent Levi’s adverts are much different to their earlier ads. As a society we are changing, our beliefs and interests are changing. We know and care more about the world we live in. The most recent advert aired in the UK was titled ‘explosions’. (Epoch London, 2013)  The ad started with a plastic bottle hanging on a rope and it explodes, then we are shown a series of images of people with different plastics, plastic, cups, bottles, bubble wrap, tape, bins. There was a sexual reference of the game, spin the bottle where a man and women kissed keeping the brand associated with sex.  We then see the process of the bottles being recycled and at the end of the advert the explosion is reverted and there is a pair of jeans hanging from rope. ‘These jeans are made of garbage… WASTE<LESS 8bottles = 1  jean’ is stated at the end of the advert.

  As pointed out by a staff writer on www.thedrum.com (Staff writer)  ‘This astonishing new piece for Levi’s raises more questions than answers - but there’s nothing wrong with that.’ It’s an advert that makes you think, targeted at the middle and upper classes, who actually want to know about environmental issues and how a brand is being environmentally friendly! We want to know what we are buying into, we don’t want to be buying into a sweatshop in Bangladesh and we want to be buying into a brand that will make us feel good. Levis is a brand we know and love, we know there fashionable, we know attractive men wear Levi’s but we want more! We want to save the world; we want to show everyone we care and that is what Levi’s new ad is selling us. Were going to save the world by wearing a pair of their jeans. What other jeans would we be able to say these are recycled jeans; they are made up of 8 recycled bottles. The advert is surprising, with the explosion of the bottle at the beginning and it’s economic that the jeans are recycled and not made from new wasted materials. It’s pertinent in the society we live in today, environmentally conscious. It’s memorable; no other jeans I know of are made out of 8 recycled bottles! I did miss the topless model in the advert though.

Marketing ‘Important function of advertising: either to reinforce existing attitudes and behaviours, e.g brand loyalty or to stimulate interest and trial of advertised product/service.’ (Chisnall.P 2005) We all know from year and years or advertising & heritage Levi jeans are known as hard workingmen’s jeans, tough, wearable and sexy (apart from when Jeremy Clarkson wears them) Levi’s are now trying to stimulate interest, get us interested in their jeans again but for positive Earth friendly reasons.

‘Men are twice as likely as women to buy Levi’s branded jeans’ (Tamara Sender Senior Consumer Analyst) which I understand I see Levi’s as a men’s brand more than a women’s brand. They have started to push the sales of women’s jeans recently with adverts aimed at women.

The use of language used in the most recent Levi’s reveal ad aimed at women is interesting compared to the ad more aimed at men. The ad has an empowering song accompanying it ‘Shake Your Booty’ by Pusha T. The song starts with the singer shouting “HOW YOU FEELING” and an audience scream “YEAHH” It’s a powerful, strong and fun song. We then get shown models walking, dressing, moving in the jeans and then ‘Let your body do the talking’ appears followed by ‘A revolution of shaping jeans… SHAPES, LIFTS, LENGHTENS’ (LevisÒ, 2013) Even though none of the models in the ad would need lifting or lengthening!

 Compared to the laundrette ad, men need to be shown an image of a hot guy wearing jeans where us women want to know the facts be reassured by writing not just be shown an image of an attractive girl wearing a pair of jeans. We want to know what this product is going to do to enhance us.  There advertising worked for me I went to Cardiff yesterday and went to look at their jeans, I want to be SHAPED and LIFTED and they were very high quality but sadly out of my price range. This particular advert worked for me but looking at the Levis annual Report 2012 states other wise. (Levi Strauss 2012) This advert was brought out in 2013 but there is no annual report up for this year yet. There cash flow was up from 2011.

 ‘Among those who work in advertising, there is an eternal battle between the desire to make art and the imperative to serve commerce.’ (Seth Stevenson 2009)  This is very true, I can imagine the creativity taking over, we want to make great things we want to be great but our job in the end has to serve its purpose. Even though in this advert we don’t see much of the jeans. We are being sold a feeling, a moment of greatness. An inspirational recital of “America” by Walt Whitman supplements the advert; it’s the best bit in my opinion.

Another major worldwide brand is Coca-Cola. Its friendly fizzy drinks originated from American Culture and now a worldwide culture. As a modern culture we accept coke like its part of our heritage. ‘The Gardener’ 2007 oozes sex appeal.

 (Marther Del Valle, 2013) Like in the Levis ad with Nick Kamen, sex sells! We see an attractive man on TV and it makes us buy the product, us women are easy to please. It’s one of cokes adverts over the past few years that I remember. Its aimed at the younger generation for the same reasons as the Launderette ad for Levis. Men want to look like the attractive Gardner and women find the Gardener attractive and would spread the word and advertise coke without knowing. A few ladies would go on their lunch break and would have a cheeky conversation about the sexy guy in the newest coke advert. The advert The Gardener is based on an ad called ‘The Diet Coke Man’ from 1994, where the same kind of storyline was told and based on a topless man drinking diet coke while women admire from a distance at the sight. (Marther Del Valle, 2013)  Coca-cola learnt from this, that this kind of ad is successful and remade and modernized it.

Coke’s latest advert titled ‘reasons to believe’ is misleading. When it first appeared on TV. I thought with the song choice ‘you’ve got the love’ a cover sung by young children was going to be an important advert. The advert flicks between scenes of people running form the law to people running a marathon to help find cures. (Coca Cola 2013) It’s ridiculous to even compare a soft drink to such big events. Coca-cola does sponsor the Olympics, which I find absolutely absurd! In my opinion it is an athletic competition, which should be sponsored by a much healthier option. So many people watch the Olympics around the world for the 16 days of competitions; it’s the best place for a brand to be advertising over the summer. I know coke is worth an unimaginable amount of money and that’s why it sponsors the Olympics but I don’t believe it should be aloud to advertise during the games.

The language coke uses in its advert on TV, in magazines and even its slogan are very poetic. Their slogan ‘open happiness’ Fig 7 Catalina (2012) is very fun and positive as if you’re opening so much more than just a bottle of fizzy pop. There recent advertising move was ‘share a coke with a friend’ on all bottles of coke there would be a name and the idea was to find yours and your friends name’s and take them a bottle to meet up and get together for a happy time. On their website I found this statement ‘we’ve been bringing people together, to celebrate, to enjoy and to remind us what we all have in common, we’ve always believed in strong communities and programs that believe in wellbeing.’ Coke are making them selves responsible for being the brand that brings everyone together and to have a great time because they would be drinking coke. Coca-Cola is one of the biggest brands in the world, a multi million pound brand that continues to sell and sell. There advertising is obviously working as we continue to buy coke all over the world. Now and then there is a new advert on TV just to remind us how good coke actually is.

In conclusion Levi’s and coca-cola’s advertising is successful at fulfilling its aims. This has been shown purely on how large and well known both brands are across the globe. They would not be where they are today without advertising. Not all advertising is successful, if a companies advertising is not doing well, generally what they are trying to sell, does not flourish in its market sector. The one exception is if an advert is so disliked it’s then memorable for example the go compare adverts with the annoying welsh singer. After researching into advertising I know that one of the main ideas used in advertising is sex. Sex sells! Well known songs can help an advert, an advert with association to a song that can have you humming all day is good advertising. It’s catchy and you remember it and want the product, and that is what successful advertising is all about.


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